How to compress the ball?

March 20 2023 – Jonathan Moreau

Comment compresser la balle?
Comment compresser la balle?

Compressing the ball is one of the most important aspects for golfers who want to improve their game. It may sound simple in theory, but it takes a lot of practice and concentration to master. In this blog, we are going to discuss some tips and techniques that can help you compress the ball and improve your game.

The first step to compress the ball is to have a correct position. Make sure your posture is correct, your feet are shoulder-width apart, your weight is evenly distributed on both feet, and you are well balanced. Keep your arms relaxed and your shoulders low.

The second important aspect of compressing the ball is your wrist position. You need to make sure your wrists are firm, but not too tight. If you tighten your wrists too tightly, you risk losing flexibility, which can lead to a loss of distance.

The third step is to focus on the movement of your club. Make sure you're following a smooth, smooth trajectory, keeping speed consistent throughout your swing. Try to hit the ball with the lowest part of your club, which will help compress the ball and maximize distance.

Finally, using the right clubs can also help you compress the ball. Clubs that have a steep face angle tend to compress the ball more easily because they are less likely to bounce off the ball. Clubs that have a lower center of gravity also tend to help compress the ball, as they allow for a larger hitting surface.

In conclusion, compressing the ball is key to improving your golf game. By focusing on your posture, wrist position, club movement, and using the right clubs, you can maximize your distance and improve your accuracy. With a little practice and patience, you can master this technique and see a significant improvement in your golf game.


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