How to choose the right golf ball?

April 01 2023 – Jonathan Moreau

Comment choisir LA bonne balle de golf?
Comment choisir LA bonne balle de golf?

Choosing the right golf ball is crucial to improving your game and allowing you to play at your best. In this article, we'll answer some common questions about golf ball selection and use.

How to choose a golf ball?

Choosing the right golf ball will depend on your level of play and swing style. Golf balls are classified according to their compression, which corresponds to the density of the ball. Low compression golf balls are softer and provide shorter distance, while high compression golf balls are harder and provide greater distance. Medium compression golf balls are suitable for most players.

It is also important to consider the coverage of the ball. Golf balls with a soft cover offer better grip and control, but wear out faster, while balls with a hard cover offer less control but are more durable.

What is the difference between a women's and men's ball?

There is no significant difference between men's and women's golf balls. Golf balls are designed to meet the needs of all golfers, regardless of gender. However, women's golf balls tend to have lower compression, making them softer and easier to control for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Do we have to change the ball depending on the weather conditions?

Weather conditions can impact golf ball performance. Golf balls react differently to temperature and humidity. In cold weather, golf balls may become harder and deliver shorter distance, while in hot, humid weather they may become softer and deliver longer distance.

It is therefore recommended that you choose a golf ball that is suitable for the weather conditions of the day of play. If you play in changing conditions, you can also consider changing the ball mid-game.

Am I allowed to change balls during the hole?

Under the rules of golf, you can change balls at any time, provided you do so within the rules of the game. This means that you cannot change balls to improve your position or get around an obstacle, and that you must inform your playing partners that you have changed balls. Only exception, if you participate in a tournament and the rules mention "one ball rule", you cannot change balls. of course, I don't recommend that you change balls in front of a water hazard, especially for the psychological aspect, if you don't believe in your shot, there's a good chance that your ball will end up fine at the bottom of the water!

How do I know if my golf ball is still good?

Golf balls have a limited lifespan. When a golf ball is used regularly, it can crack, discolor, or lose compression over time. To find out if your golf ball is still good, you can test it by pressing it with your thumb. If it's too soft, too hard, or you feel bumps, it's time to replace it.

In the end, the choice of a ball is very personal and depends on several factors. The important thing is above all to promote consistency, ie to always hit the same ball, which will allow you to better control your shots, especially during the short game.


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