Strength training and golf: important or not?

June 10 2023 – Jonathan Moreau

Entrainement musculaire et golf: important ou pas?
Entrainement musculaire et golf: important ou pas?

Physical preparation plays an essential role in the practice of golf. It aids in performance enhancement, injury prevention, stability and balance, coordination, flexibility and many other aspects important for a successful game of golf.

Improved overall performance : Adequate physical preparation improves overall performance by increasing swing speed, power, stability and balance. By developing muscle strength and coordination, you'll be able to generate more power in your golf swing, improve the accuracy of your shots, and maintain consistent form throughout the course.

Improved endurance and consistency throughout the course : Physical preparation helps build endurance and maintain consistent performance throughout the course. Good physical condition helps minimize muscle fatigue and improves your ability to maintain optimal mental focus throughout a round of golf.

Injury Prevention : Proper physical preparation can help prevent golf-related injuries. By strengthening the core, upper limb, lower limb and pelvic muscles, you reduce the risk of injury from the repetitive motions of the golf swing. Plus, by improving stability and balance, you strengthen joints and reduce stress on the body during play.

Stability and balance : Physical preparation promotes stability and balance, two key elements in golf. By strengthening core and lower extremity muscles, as well as improving movement coordination, you will be able to maintain a stable and balanced posture throughout the golf swing. This will allow you to perform smoother and more precise movements.

Coordination : Coordination is essential in golf to achieve synchronized and fluid movements. Adequate physical preparation improves the coordination between the different muscle groups involved in the golf swing, which allows you to perform more efficient and precise movements, improving your overall performance on the course.

Flexibility : Flexibility is key to a good golf swing. Physical preparation including stretching and mobility exercises will improve your flexibility, which will facilitate rotational movements and increase the amplitude of your swing.

Physical preparation plays a crucial role in playing golf. It helps improve overall performance, prevent injury, build stability and balance, improve coordination, flexibility and many other aspects essential for a successful game of golf. Incorporating specific exercises into your home practice routine, using appropriate weights and following a regular frequency, will help you build the muscle strength needed to improve your golf game. Remember to consult a healthcare professional or personal trainer for personalized advice based on your individual situation.


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