How to dress for golf?

March 20 2023 – Catherine Lavoie

Comment s'habiller au golf ?
Comment s'habiller au golf ?

Golf is an elegant and demanding sport, which requires appropriate attire . Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, it is important to choose an outfit that will allow you to play in the best conditions, while respecting the golf dress code .

First of all, it is important to favor comfortable clothes , which will not hinder your movements. Opt for flexible and breathable materials, which will allow you to stay dry throughout your game.

For female golfers, it is recommended to wear a skirt or shorts that are long enough to cover the thighs when bending over to pick up a ball. Pair them with a polo shirt or light shirt, which will keep you comfortable while respecting the dress code.

Depending on the weather conditions, it is important to bring appropriate clothing. For cool days, you can opt for a windproof jacket, or a wool sweater . For rainy days, remember to bring a raincoat, which will protect you from the rain while allowing you to play without getting wet.

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Finally, don't forget to wear comfortable golf shoes that are suitable for your game. Spiked shoes will give you better grip on the ground, and allow you to play in complete safety.

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In summary, to dress for golf, it is important to favor comfortable clothing, adapted to the weather conditions and respectful of the dress code. With an appropriate outfit, you will be able to play in the best conditions, and fully enjoy your game.


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